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Industrial Ecosystem_Innovative Development | Nam Tai Property, Inc.

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Industrial Ecosystem

Enterprises require the support of a full ecosystem. Technology, capital formation, human resources and marketing are interlocked.

Through many years of industrial participation, Nam Tai understands the needs of the enterprises during its industrial development  and can leverage on the accumulated industrial resources it has gained over the years to build an Internet-of-Things (IoT) based public service platform. Focused on servicing enterprise development, through high-quality industry clustering, capital resources facilitation, policy and government relation counseling, training of high-end talents and development of various other resources, we aim to enhance the competitiveness of our industrial parks and the enterprises  that reside within the development. We believe we can offer an attractive proposition for many industrial players. By making our industrial parks both a standalone industrial base and one that provides urban functions to its neighbors, each of our industrial parks can become an important platform to facilitate the growth of the industrial chain and regional development.

  • Technology


    Efficiency·Research Institute·Third-Party Inspection and Testing

  • Fund


    Industrial Funds·Incubators·Financial Institutions

  • Market


    Direct Customer·Trade Fair·Dealer·Association

  • Talents


    Training·Alliance of Universities·Recruitment·Exchanges