Nam Tai Property, Inc.

Nam Tai Property, Inc.

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About Nam Tai, founded in Hong Kong in 1975, was listed on Nasdaq in 1988 and transferred to NYSE in 2003 (stock code: NTP).

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Nam Tai Inno Park

Nam Tai Inno Park – Nam Tai Inno Park is being developed into an industrial complex that can embody the ecosystem of the Internet-of- Things (IOT) industry by integrating production, office and commercial operations into one industrial complex. Nam Tai Inno Park is committed to integrating the various resources of the IOT industry and facilitate the building of the evolving supply chain.

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Through years of industrial precipitation, Nam Tai is well aware of the needs during industrial development. Now, as an industrial operator, relying on the accumulated industrial resources for many years, Nam Tai takes serving enterprise development as the core.