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Operational Management System of Technology Parks 
Build the all-rounded operational management system, covering leasing management, property management, entrepreneurial incubation platform and service center.
  • Leasing Management

    The leasing management platform helps build the database for leasing projects, and facilitate the scientific management on the process from the initial negotiation to the final production. It can present the leasing data in a direct way and will be useful for monitoring the overview of the leasing projects, negotiation progress and leasing performance.

  • Property Service

    The property service platform will provide online property service, enhance the quality of our property services and lower the costs.

  • Entrepreneurial Incubation Platform

    The entrepreneurial incubation platform, by referencing the life-cycle of enterprise incubation, combining internal and external resources, and reviewing incubation processes, will provide online services on investment and financing, industry, technology, talent acquisition, policy, consulting for the incubating enterprises.

  • Service Center

    The service center will be connected with the park portal website and the public service platform and will centralize all the service requests so as to efficiently review, allocate and process the requests. The center will visualize the statistics of service requests, which will improve the capability of the services. .

Public Service System of The Parks
From the basic property and policy services to value-added services, includinghuman resources, investment and finance, project declaration, technical certification, college-enterprise cooperation, education and training, information sharing, R&D design, quality monitoring, enterprise incubation and etc., Nan Tai will provide the enterprises in the park various and convenient services, facilitates the exchange of resources among enterprise and drives the park to grow by integrating the internal and external resources, which will be based on the demands of the enterprises and the cloud-based public service platform.

Basic Services

Property Services

Incubation Services

Value-added Services

Commercial Services